Conversations with ChharuCleanse and Protect your Aura

Cleanse and Protect your Aura

In this article, I will be helping you understand the seven chakras in our body and how any blockage or negativity in each of them impacts our lives and our relationship with external factors and leads to physical and mental diseases.

Cleanse and Protect Your Aura.

The vibrations all around us especially in the times of chaos and disease are heavy with toxic negativity.

Constant negativity on news channels, in conversations with relatives and friends affect our Aura and ultimately our resilience to ward off diseases and setbacks.

Now more than ever it’s needed to replenish your energies. Chharu suggests some simple ways in which you can recharge your aura and cleanse it back to its former strength.

  1. Chant any mantra. You can play “Om Mani Padme Hum” or any other chants in your house and chant along to vibrate on a higher level.
  2. Meditation plays a very important role in balancing our energies and helping us find our centre. Just cutting off for some time and focusing on positive thoughts can be really good for you.
  3. Writing down positive affirmations. Alternatively you can also write down sentences of forgiveness, or write down your fears and ways in which you can overcome them. Use a red pen while writing affirmations.
  4. Salt bath is very very helpful in washing away any negativity. Mix equal portions of salt and coffee and put it in your bath water. Or when under a shower, put it under your feet and let the shower flow down your body. Imagine that all your stress and negativity is being absorbed by the salt and coffee and washing away. 

These are really helpful suggestions to wash away toxicity from your aura and infuse positivity in your body cycle.

Hope this helps, you can DM me for any questions or further help!


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