Conversations with ChharuJanmashtami – Which characteristic of Krishna best defines your personality?

Janmashtami – Which characteristic of Krishna best defines your personality?

Happy Janmashtami Dear Soul People!

Read along to find out which traits of Krishna suit your zodiac personality and share it with us in the comments below.

Janmashtami is celebrated on the eighth day of a lunar fortnight or the half moon which signifies his mastery over realms, the seen and the unseen and the many personalities in between of Lord Krishna, the most popularly revered and loved God

Aries- His force of fearlessness

Krishna’s teachings to Arjun during the Mahabharat highlight his fearless personality where he explains that Fear can only be defeated through inner strength, wisdom and determination, a quality running through the veins of Aries.


Taurus- His reliable personality

Sudama, Krishna’s long-lost friend from childhood knew that in his most difficult times of need, it was only him he could rely on, which portrays his reliable personality, much like a Taurian friend who you can always count on.


Gemini- His fluent art of communications

Krishna, the ultimate talk maestro was fluent in the art of knowing what, when, and how to spill the conversational beans with everyone. The Mahabharata is his magnum opus in communication wizardry. Whether he’s throwing shade with those divine eyebrow raises or eloquently spinning words, his interpersonal game is still free emoji-worthy today. Reminds you of the communication experts- the Geminis?


Cancer- His cheerful aura

Krishna, the cheerful deity, serves as a living canvas of wisdom at life’s tricky intersections. Despite wrestling with a myriad of life’s predicaments, he transformed existence into an unending fiesta, living life to the fullest like the Cancerians who spread a sparkle of joy and cheer wherever they go.


Leo- His Leadership Qualities

Krishna, the ultimate tactician, effortlessly switches gears to match the situation and the characters he’s handling. Moreover, wrangling a battalion of 1.53 million Pandava Army warriors to secure victory against an overwhelmingly massive force is a vivid testament to his leadership prowess, a quality embedded in Leos, who never ceases to resist taking charge in any time of need.


Virgo- His Strategic Mind

Krishna emerges as the supreme maestro of management, a crisis connoisseur par excellence. He’s like the ultimate shapeshifter, seamlessly moulding himself to ft the ever-changing needs of the moment. His management skills? Legendary. In today’s world of management and communication, he’s like the OG role model. It’s like he runs his cosmic show with meticulous attention to detail, leaving no room for error, like a well-oiled machine that’s been tweaked to perfection, much like our perfectionist Virgos.


Libra- His Sheer Simplicity

At the core of Krishna’s essence lies his sheer simplicity. He kicked of his life’s journey in Gokul, a charming ‘cow-town’ up north, where he mingled with regular folks, forging bonds of love. He remained buddies with Sudama, a humble Brahmin, even after donning the royal robes. Life, to him, was like a jigsaw puzzle he solved with the casual grace of someone finding their car keys. Even the grandest battles were just another day at the divine office, and his simplicity was simply unparalleled, something we can find in Librans today, the modern-day epitomise of balance and grace.


Scorpio- His Mischievous Ways

In his toddler days, he was quite the butter aficionado, grabbing a taste wherever he could and earning the name “Makhan Chor.” Krishna is like that divine buddy you can label as a prank-pulling, iconoclastic heartthrob, a mischievous charmer, or even the ultimate cosmic superstar. His childhood antics, like swiping the clothes of the Gopis, are like love lessons from the divine playbook, reminding us to treat everyone like they’re part of our cosmic clique, like the Scorpions who are the life of the family and the party.


Sagittarius-His Purity & Compassion

Krishna embodied the ultimate trinity of untainted goodness, empathy, and boundless compassion. He sprinted to the palace gates with sheer love and enthusiasm, all because of a childhood friend, despite the sands of time and fortune drifting them apart. He cherished a modest gift of beaten rice from that beloved friend more than all the cosmic bling. He was the ultimate friend in need when he came to rescue Draupadi’s honour from the Kauravas. Such is the soul of a Sagittarian who will fill their eyes with warmth and empathy and never fail to go the extra mile when you need them.


Capricorn- His Determination and Discipline

When Krishna was 6 days old, he killed Pootna who had changed her appearance and came to kill him with her poisoned milk. When the venomous snake Kalia had made the water of Yamuna so impure that even birds could not drink water there, it was Krishna who put the weight of the universe on his head as he danced. Only his little finger, Krishna lifted the entire Govardhan Parvat to give shelter to his entire village when Lord Indra cast a gloomy spell of rain over there. It was his sheer determination and resilience that set an example for everyone around him that you are who you want to be, something our Capricorns have instilled in themselves from the moment they are born into this world.


Aquarius- His knowledge and wisdom

Krishna truly served as a supreme guide for earthly existence, following in the footsteps of great individuals who dedicated their lives to illuminating humanity’s path toward divine wisdom. He personified the essence of his teachings, with the Bhagavad Gita standing as his paramount vehicle for imparting the profound knowledge we all yearn to discover, a refection of which we see in the ever-inquisitive and exploring Aquarians.


Pisces- His Artistic Touch

As a guardian, a perfect companion, a wise thinker, a skilled charioteer, and a virtuoso flute maestro, Lord Krishna’s talents knew no bounds. He even served as a tutor to Narada, imparting the art of Vina playing. His enchanting tunes stirred the souls of the Gopis and magically united all the cows in one spot. In virtually every endeavour, he not only participated but also achieved mastery, undoubtedly emerging as the ultimate master of all trades, a personality trait highlighted by piscians through their love for art and creativity.





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