Conversations with ChharuHow do the 7 chakras impact your mental health?

How do the 7 chakras impact your mental health?

Dear Soul People,

Chakras, though they might seem like a cosmic puzzle, can actually be beautifully simple. Just sending some good vibes in their direction can work wonders. Each of these energy wheels has its own favourite colour and role, and you can play matchmaker through clothing, foods, crystals, essential oils, or even moving your body. And hey, there are nifty affirmations tailored to each chakra too. The secret sauce? It’s the awareness and intention behind these actions that wield the magic wand. Pay attention to how you feel when you dive into these colours and practices. It’s like a conversation with your inner self. When you make a conscious effort to pamper your body in the way it’s secretly yearning for, brace yourself for some profound results. And remember, if your gut says a particular chakra practice or belief feels right, even if it’s not in the rulebook, trust that intuition. Your being is a genius in its own right. Tuning into your chakras is just another way to let that inner wisdom shine. Read along to know how each of the 7 main chakras impacts mental health and well-being and what you can do to nurture and align them.

  1. Root Chakra- Nestled at the base of your spine, we find the mighty root chakra, the epicentre of all things safety and security. When this chakra is out of whack, it can be traced back to those rollercoaster moments in our early years or specific life adventures that left us feeling wobbly. This imbalance often manifests as anxiety with a side of abandonment vibes, leading to decisions driven by fear and scarcity thinking. But here’s the twist: when the root chakra isn’t groovin’, it throws a cosmic wrench into the entire chakra system, causing a wild energy cascade.

To do- To mend your root chakra, think red, earthy, and grounded vibes. Embrace the power of red in your surroundings; let it be your anchor, infusing this chakra with revitalising energy.

  1. Sacral Chakra- Deep within your pelvis lies the vibrant sacral chakra, a swirling vortex of emotions, creativity, and sensuality. When this energetic hub hits a roadblock, it can take you on a wild roller coaster ride, from the depths of depression to the whirlwinds of addiction, leaving you feeling like an emotional tightrope walker. The signs can sometimes be less subtle, with tight hip muscles or changes in your sexual mojo making an appearance. But here’s the cosmic twist: the sacral chakra often lives in the shadowy realm of unspoken emotions, making it a tad challenging to address openly.

To do- When it comes to nurturing your sacral chakra, trust your feelings more than your inner logic. Dive into the enchanting world of orange, embracing its warm, creative energy. Engage in activities that unlock your creative spirit, and watch the magic unfold as you dance with your emotions.

  1. Solar Plexis- Just a smidge below your sternum, right at your naval point, resides the magnificent solar plexus chakra, the secret lair of your personal power. If self-confidence has ever been an elusive friend, chances are this energy hub needs some TLC. It’s not just about confidence, though; this chakra is cosy with your stomach and intestines, so energy jams can lead to those classic “butterflies in the stomach” moments. And here’s a cosmic twist: if your root or sacral chakras have been throwing a tantrum, their drama can echo in your solar plexus, giving birth to the anxiety dragon.

To do- To give your solar plexus the love it craves, surround yourself with the radiant glow of yellow and dive into warming breathing exercises like the ujjayi pranayama from your trusty yoga class toolkit. Push your workout boundaries, hold those poses longer, and, as a cosmic bonus, have a mirror chat session with some “I am ____” affirmations. Make it your mission to unleash your power in every way possible!

  1. Heart Chakra- close to your physical heart lies the enchanting heart chakra, perhaps the most relatable of all the energy centres. It’s all about the heartstrings that bind us to ourselves and others—the ability to love and be loved. This radiant hub serves as a cosmic bridge, connecting the grounded lower chakras with the ethereal upper ones. When this heart-centric energy is askew, it’s like giving mental illness a VIP pass to your mind. Self-love becomes a distant echo, making it a real uphill battle for mental well-being.

To do- healing the heart chakra is a heartwarming journey. Dive into the lush green realm—embrace green foods, don green attire, and let the world around you burst with verdant hues. As you do, watch the magic unfold, reconnecting you to the beautiful dance of love and compassion.

  1. Throat Chakra- the throat chakra is the cosmic spotlight of expression and communication. It’s that moment when you have something important to say but feel like your words are playing hide-and-seek. Ever had that pesky lump in your throat? That’s your cue that this energy hub might need a little TLC. Speaking your truth is like a secret sauce for mental health, and this chakra plays a starring role.

To do- Start your day with gentle neck rolls, setting the energy in motion. Add a dash of blueberries to your morning oats, a nod to the universe’s colour code. Then, immerse yourself in activities that let your true self shine, and make authentic communication your superpower.

  1. Third Eye- Imagine a mystical realm between your brows, where intuition reigns supreme – it’s the cosmic throne of the third-eye chakra. Here, you can tap into your inner sage, seeing yourself from the perspective of an all-knowing observer. Trauma and mental hurdles often manifest as a sort of disconnect, like you’ve taken a one-way ticket to Imagination land to escape the rigours of reality. This chakra is a powerhouse, capable of whisking you away from the present moment.

To do- To pamper your third-eye chakra, indulge in meditations that guide you deep into the centre of your noggin. It’s like a spa day for your soul. For a physical boost, treat your temple to some thumb massages, or let your brow and temple play a rhythmic game of roll-the-ball in child’s pose – it feels oh-so-lovely.

Pssstt… rumour has it that chocolate might just be the secret key to unlocking your third eye’s potential and we are never debating that.

  1. Crown Chakra- There is a cosmic halo just above your head – that’s where the crown chakra holds court. It’s the gateway to all the cosmic light and love, your direct line to the universe’s VIP lounge. While it might not have a physical counterpart you can point at, here’s the cosmic scoop: if any of your other chakras are throwing a tantrum, the crown chakra won’t be having its zen moment either. Sometimes, you might notice this imbalance as rigid beliefs about spirituality, religion, or the universe, making personal growth an uphill hike.

To do- healing the crown chakra is like a domino effect that starts with the lower six chakras. You can dabble in the regal shade of violet, but remember, this chakra is more about cosmic vibes than physical hues. Dive deep into the mysterious spaces between things – like how sunlight paints an enchanting golden aura on leaves. Let yourself be awestruck by the non-physical marvels, the cosmic wonders that only the crown chakra can unveil.



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